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Confusing the Cabo Dental Tourist - What to watch out for when having root canals, crowns, cosmetic dentistry, dental makeovers or dental implants in popular resort towns of Cabo and Puerto Vallarta Mexico-

By Carla Osuna y Sanchez – Peurto Vallarta News Dental Travel Writer

General dentists on both sides of the US/Mexican border often play fast and loose with professional labels such as Dental Specialist, Cosmetic Dentist, Implantologist, Implantology or Endodontist Specialist etc. NONE of these terms assures you that you will be treated by a Board Certified Specialist Dentist.

General dentists in Mexico are permitted to do specialist work without a specialist's license. Some even call themselves "˜Specialists' But they cannot call themselves Board Certified Dental Specialists unless they are Board Certified.

Your only assurance of getting the best dentistry in Mexico is a board certified dental specialist – someone who has spent additional years in dental school AND passed specialist board exams AND continues their specialist education throughout their career. Certified dentist specialists are the rock stars of dentistry in Mexico and the USA. And certified dentists in Mexico are available for the same price as general dentists in Mexico.

General dentists are only trained in the basics – cleaning, drilling, filling and pulling… teeth. They are not formally trained in oral surgery, dental implants, crowns, root canals, periodontics, cosmetic dentistry or dental makeovers. But they love the opportunity to practice on you in Mexico and their mistakes can cause you thousands of dollars to remedy when back home.

Cabo dental clinics and Puerto Vallarta Dentists are the most popular Mexican dental vacation destinations for American and Canadian dental tourists. Be sure to get a certified dentist for your important dental work in Mexico. So when visiting Mexico for large treatments – be sure to get a board certified dentist. They cost the same as a general dentist in Mexico – so get the best.

To find a Board Certified Mexico dentist specialist in Mexico, a Cabo dental clinic with a certified dentist, Cancun or a Puerto Vallarta dentist visit the following sites:

Board Certified Mexican Dentists Assn. English language site – for the foreign tourist, requires all their members to speak good English. An American dental specialist will answer your questions. BCMD Mexico Dentists Assn. assists with your Mexico dental travel arrangements and dental estimates. They have Acapulco dental clinics, a Los Cabos, Cabo dental clinic, Cancun dentist, Puerto Vallarta Dentist and other specialist dentists in Mexico.

Associacion Dental Mexicana - A Spanish Language site similar to the American Dental Association. You will have to sort out the general dentists from the specialists yourself in Spanish. 80% of dentists in Mexico (and the USA) are general dentists and many in Mexico attempt specialist work. (See article above)

AMD Mexico Dentists .Com AMD Mexico Dentists is an American dentist owned site that represents exclusively board certified Mexican dentists in popular Mexican dental vacation destination beach towns of Puerto Vallarta, Cabo and Cancun. They offer a Fly Free or Stay Free Mexican dental vacation program for large treatment patients such as those having complete dental makeovers or multiple dental implants at a partner Cabo dental specialist clinic, Cancun or a Puerto Vallarta dentist who excels in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry.

Dental Travel Asia Dentist Guide – (for Asia Dentists) The Dental Travel Asia Dentist Guide is the website for those that want to try someplace exotic. This Asian dentist guide offers board certified dentists in Bangkok, Manila (Philippine dentists speak American English), Hong Kong and other locales in Asia. If you like Mexican food – find it in Manila (along with Asian cuisine) – the Spanish were there for 300 years.

Vallarta Escapes: Free or low-cost accommodations deals for Mexican dental tourists seeing a specialist Puerto Vallarta dentist for large treatments such as dental makeovers or dental implants in Mexico. Special low rates or free stays for up to 1-2 weeks at holiday condos and villas in partnership with About Mexican Dentists .com Visit:

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Well, one "fact" in the above article is an outright lie.American dentists north of the border do NOT play fast and loose with specialist designations.

To claim one is a board-certified specialist when one is not will result in a license suspension or revocation.

Nearly all dentistry requires post-op care. This post-op care can span weeks or months.

Can a patient really afford to go back to Mexico for weeks or months until post-op problems are cured?American dentists sure are not going to treat post-op problems from treatment in Mexico for free.


Good information - I didn't know that Mexican general dentists could try to do specialist work without proper training - they would go to jail for trying to learn how to do a root canal or make a bridge in the in the USA. I can see why it's best to go with a board certified dentist in Mexico - at least you know what you are getting. :)

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